Hitboxes: A ban-worthy controller or the new standard?

With the recent rise in popularity of hitboxes and the controversial banning of Daigo Umehara’s hitbox (specifically the Gafrobox) at Combo Breaker many have questioned the legitimacy of hitboxes. Others have praised it as a high quality controller. So what is all the fuss about?

It’s fairly simple; the hitbox allows the user to press opposite cardinal directions at the same time. This allows for otherwise impossible motions that couldn’t be done on a traditional fightstick. It also allows the user to input commands without passing over the neutral position allowing for rapid movements. For this and many other reasons, some people have called for the banning of these controllers. Check out Vesper Arcade’s take on the situation. He goes on to discuss the topic in great detail!

On the other hand, some have called for them to become a new standard. Adoption rates of these controllers are rising and don’t appear to be slowing down. Being able to execute commands faster will result in higher level gameplay across the board and will allow many players to push their current limits.

Interest for Fightsticks over time; this was shortly after Combo Breaker 2019

Soon nostalgia may be the only thing keeping traditional fight sticks around; only time will tell!

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