My First Evo Experience!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to jot down a few thoughts regarding Evo 2019:

This was the first Evo I’ve ever been to. After years of watching the stream I finally got the chance to experience it in person. And better yet, I got to go with my local crew!! It was a great experience and I recommend everyone interested in fighting games to make it a point to go to next Evo if they are able to!

UNIST on the big screen!

One of the coolest aspects of Evo for me was finally getting a chance to meet so many high level players in one place. You couldn’t turn 360 degrees without seeing at least one recognizable high level player. Even cooler was watching some of these high level players face off in pools! I got the chance to stand right behind Daigo and Justin Wong facing off in pools (I am surprised that match didn’t get brought onto the stream though).

A GIGANTIC Arcade1Up cabinet.

Another great part of Evo is it is more than just a tournament; it is a fighting game convention! After being eliminated from your games you’re then free to walk around and check out all of the cool merchandise, indie games, and other oddities you’d only see at an event like Evo.

I definitely plan to go to next Evo and plan to practice twice as hard! Check out some of the pics I took at this years Evo!

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